Hi there! My name is Kay, and I’m the writer behind this site, Happy to Hustle. I’m a passionate writer, traveler, and photographer based (loosely) in Washington, DC. When I’m not hustling on this site, you can find me on my travel blog, Jetfarer.

It all started with a savings account and a dream…

When I graduated from college, I started a job as a management consultant for large, mostly Fortune 500 companies. I quickly learned that 70-hour workweeks and intense corporate competition were not my cup of tea. After 3 years in the corporate world, I had enough savings to take a year off, trying my hand at blogging and online entrepreneurship to make a living.

So I quit my full-time job to travel and work independently.

Through this experiment, I hope to achieve my dream of being completely location independent and working for myself.

Now, I’m on a journey to build a full-time income from a diversified set of revenue streams. Despite being an independent freelancer, I still see myself as the same ambitious, driven young professional I was before (if not more so…).

And I imagine if you’re reading this, you probably are too.

I’ve decided to use myself as the guinea pig for a lot of the financial information that you read online, and tell you my honest opinion of whether it’s good advice or not.

I built Happy to Hustle for YOU.

Happy to Hustle is part journal, part encyclopedia to help YOU make the best financial and career decisions to live the life you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to run your own business, or work as a freelancer, or simply take a year off and earn money in the process, Happy to Hustle is for you.

Combining 6 years of blogging and freelance writing experience, I hope to help you learn from my mistakes and give you the practical tips and advice that have helped me build my career from scratch. Because this website was built for you, I’m happy answer any of your questions any time – just contact me!